Meet El

Ellie Burnes (El)Pronouns: they/themA Bit More:- Non-binary, Demisexual & Pansexual- Neurodivergent & Disabled- Your neighborhood witch & energy worker.

My priority reads are all by indie authors so that I can rave about them all and recommend them whenever possible. As a writer I am still finding my voice, however, I am currently working on a number of stories which will be out soon!My educational background in business management, marketing, and the sciences has played a huge role in my passion for small businesses so adding that to my genuine love of romance & indie reads – only makes sense. I am a PA serving amazing authors…but I also write, I’m a passionate ARC/Alpha/Beta reader, and I am into all kinds of music, arts, crafts, etc.

Services | Not accepting new clients at this time.

- Newsletter Swaps
- Pulls
- ARC Team Creation & Management
- Discord Server Creation (& mod services)
- Administrative Support (emails and calendar management)
- Graphic Designs (No AI)
- Author Research & Author Opportunities
- Parties, Hops, TOs, etc.
- Group Management
- Sheet Templates, G-Forms, Etc.
- and more.
Note: Since I have been on my own author journey I am not taking on new clients at this time. If needed a la carte services may be available, please check with me to see if I can help with your project as I am still available.


Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need swap information for my authors!


CJ is on KU and has lots of new ideas brewing!
Her subs like it dirty, dark, and unapologetic for their love but we do prefer to keep to:
Contemporary, PNR, romantasy, dark, and taboo Romance, etc.
150+ subs
Good open & click-through rate



Kitty is on KU at this time and has some amazing new books on the way, their debut was not too long abo and they are on fire so we would love to support fellow authors in their community newsletter!NL:
200+ subs
New Community NL



S Lynn writes dark, taboo, paranormal, romantasy, and more. With S Lynn's latest release being her debut and many more amazing reads on the way you won't want to miss this new community NLNL:
New Community NL



If you would like to discuss your needs please reach out and I will be happy to assist you!Once we have discussed your project(s) and booked you in, I will invoice you for your deposit to confirm your booking.The deposit will be half of whatever your final fee will be. This is non-refundable as I will be holding the spot for you and my time.If at any point or for any reason you no longer need my services or require your booking dates to be changed, I ask that you give at least 2 weeks notice so that I may adjust accordingly.Please schedule your dates accordingly as I can take up to a week proofreading and editing and anything over 50k may be 2-3 weeks within my working hours.Invoices are sent via wave and manually updated, they will show as El Burnes PA Services and services will say 'Copyediting services- Title YYYY' or 'Proofreading services - Title YYYY' for your records.All prices are in USD and payable through ko-fi (accepts card / PayPal), or PayPal directly.


0.002 per word |1k words for $215,000 words- $3020,000 words- $4030,000 words- $6040,000 words- $4050,000 words- $10060,000 words- $12070,000 words- $14080,000 words- $16090,000 words- $180100,000 words- $200


0.003 per word | 1k words for $315,000 words- $4520,000 words- $6030,000 words- $6040,000 words- $12050,000 words- $15060,000 words- $18070,000 words- $21080,000 words- $24090,000 words- $270100,000 words- $300

The Lists

I've been asked for my wishlists and so... here they are!Please do not feel pressured or go out of your way, I have a few lists and a wide range of things on my lists, gifting is never expected but always appreciated. As always gifts are non-refundable and are not returnable.NOTES:
- If you are sending an ebook and need my email please use [email protected]
- If sending a GC please note that I am in Canada and cannot claim US gift cards.